Thursday, July 31, 2014

Time is Flying! Week Four: Check!

(emailed to Friends)
It's been another fantastic week.  I'm learning to love it here, questionable meat, humidity and all!

It rained a few times this week!  It POURS here.  So cool.  And it's hot enough once it stopped it was dry in around an hour!  Crazy cool.

So I found this super funny, you know how we'll add o's or a's to words to make them Spanish?  Apparently they'll add -ation to words to make them English! Haha!

There's also a friendly division forming.  East mission vs. West mission.  Eastside vs Westside.  This is the closest thing I've been to being in a gang before!  

Another cool thing is when they play rock, paper, scissors here instead of the three pounds before playing you give each other a fist pump and explode into whatever you chose.  I thought that was SOO much cooler.

We also went to the university again this week.  It was even better than last time.  We were able to have a lot better discussions with people and they seemed like they were sincerely interested.  I recited the 1st vision to a couple of guys too.  We gave them the BOFM and they said they'd read it and call the missionaries.  It was cool as they were asking questions, I was able to understand the jist of what they were asking!  I definitely believe the Lord's hand helped me in doing that.  He's also helped me by knowing words I didn't think I knew while teaching.  These are the moments that amaze me the most.  

We also celebrated half Christmas a couple days ago.  It consisted of caroling in Spanish to people.  

We also stopped at the store again this week.  I bought a notebook, toothpaste, tide to go, and Oreos.  The Oreos were definitely the best decision.  We also walked there and went through a way cool park.  It had exercise machines, running paths, playgrounds, the whole works.  And there was NO vandalism.  I found that amazing.  

We also played baseball yesterday!  With a squishy little ball, but I felt like a true Dominican!

Also the Santiago and Puerto Rico group left this Wednesday. It got me thinking of how many lives I'm going to touch on my mission.  It's insane.  I'm going to be in and out of so many lives and hope I can influence them all in some way for the better!

With that group leaving, there was a new slot open for some AP's.  Me and the trilogy were called to be the new Assistants to the President!  I couldn't believe it.  It's crazy stuff.  So before that group left there was around 50 of us here, then there was 20, then another 50 or so came today!  There is just under 80 missionaries here now.  That's crazy.  I'm pretty sure we're just over capacity.  So loco.

Keep going strong!  Miss you all tons, but a little less this week! E. Potokar.

(emailed to Family)
I've gotten super excited this week for what's to come.  I've seen what I can do when I put part of my mind into something for like a year, but never 100 percent of my time for two years.  I'm soooo excited.  My motivation has finally kicked in like it used to.  I hit studying pretty hard the last few weeks.  It's only going to get better too.  

I also got another haircut.  It's ridiculously short now.  I can't believe it.  I was thinking that was my last free haircut, but I'll get another one.  Don't know if I'll use it though.  

You'll probably see some pictures of Elder Boggess with the tall waist I uploaded.  He had the absolute WORST haircut I've ever seen haha.  He got it fixed though.  He's going into engineering at BYU too so I'll probably see him there.  

I also realized, what reason do I have to complain or worry?  I have a family that loves and fully supports me, I'm doing the Lord's will, and I have a fantastic scholarship waiting for me at BYU among many other blessings.  What more could I want?

We do something called TRC on Monday nights.  It's basically hometeaching in Spanish to some of the senior couples here.  I love it.  It's actually one of my favorite parts of the week.  I'll probably actually do my hometeaching when I get home! Haha 

Also, if you didn't see I got called as an AP! (Assistant to the President) I've gotten to know the president better.  Not super well, but better.

Elder Fusselman's dad also got in an accident at his work this week.  He's probably going to lose a few fingers.  So sad.  I've been praying for him hard all this week.  He's been strong through it.  I've been majorly impressed!  

We've also built up a reputation as the quiet district.  (implies boring)  The other districts are insane.  They're also in adjacent rooms with a divider between them while we're in our own room.  Too weird.  We've become the lone district to an extent.  All our members got new callings this week too.  Hodges/Kinikini are the tech guys, and the hermanas are in charge of hymn books. Although my district is quiet, they're incredible.  Quiet, talented, strong and humble. My comps Elder Bassett is from Idaho and going to East, Elder Fuss is from Arizona and going to the West. Go figure.

These are the goals of my district.  I'm supposed to guide the discussions.  

I've gained like 10 or 15 pounds.  I probably have another round face like my pre XC (cross-country) picture haha.  I'm sure I'll lose it in the field though. Actually the first pair of slacks we bought are a tight fit.  I don't enjoy wearing them much AT all.  All the Van Huesen ones fit great still though. About the food  I have a great scripture to go with it.  Proverbs 28:25. "He that is of a proud heart stirreth up strife: but he that putteth his trust in the Lord shall be made fat."   

Another good joke this week I heard is a high councilman is called a "dry councilman."

We also got to go to the temple today.  First time in a long time it feels like.  It was fantastic.  I look forward to going next week and REALLY wish I could go more during the mission.  But what do you do? I also put the Matheson family on the prayer list in the temple this week.  As well as all the Weber High missionaries leaving soon.  

(Have you got to run at all?) I have not yet.  There's not really anywhere we can run so I haven't yet.  I really want to.  We have to do laps around the temple if we do.  Lame.  I should be OK.  

We haven't gone on splits yet.  That'll be tomorrow!  So crazy.

Tell grandma the rice is slightly different.  It's flavored.  No need to worry.  Everyone got a kick out of it when I told them she asked.  Haha (Grandma M. was worried Easton was only eating plain white rice and beans.)

Mom, congrats on the new calling!  That's awesome.  Doesn't surprise me one bit.  Out of curiosity who's your new counselors?  Would I know any of them?  Dad said you had a really cool experience in choosing them. Do you think you'll still be in that calling when I get home? 

Now on to the list!

I still have yet to read everyone's notes in my journal so far.  I'm saving them for my first hard day in the field.  I keep telling myself I'll have a harder day later and it keeps me moving on.  

You really confused me when you put Dr. Allred's last time in your email.  I thought it said DR as in the Domincan Republic.  Haha can you tell what's on my mind?

I also sent a picture home with me and the futbol-ers.  They were way sick.  We considered the one with glasses a wizard.  He was crazy good.  I loved playing with them and am way sad they left a couple of days ago.

I heard some stats.  3 million people in Santo Domingo, 2 million in Santiago.  That's half the population in the country.  It won't be as dense here as I expected.  Also the highest mountain here is 10 thousand feet.  I really want to climb it!

My gym shoes also already have a hole in them!  How crazy is that?  I guess I've just been balling (playing basketball) too hard.  I can wear my running shoes if it comes to that.  I won't be balling everyday in the field either.  I'll probably do some kind of workout instead.    I also realized I wish I would've brought a few things.  One of my Norwex towels is a body towel and hurts to use on my face.  I wish I had a lint roller.  That's really about it.

We were talking about food and I realized how much I miss our dinners.  You're an amazing good cook.  Haha I miss that!  Sad thing is the food is probably just going to go downhill once I hit the field too.  

Also thank you for the talks in my binder!  I read some of them this week and they're fantastic.  I love them.  I'll probably read them a lot and will probably go find some more conference talks to read.  The words of the prophet!  Can't get much better than that. 

We also watch some parts of the District videos almost every day here.  They're wonderful.

When does school start?  How is everything going?

Also just to warn ya, because we have to share so much email time with everyone next week my email will be more rushed.  I've got to run now.  Unfortunately, not literally. Got a room to clean.

Love you tons!  Miss you tons too.  Got to run.  Catch ya next week.
Love you always!  E. Potokar.


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