Thursday, July 31, 2014

Time is Flying! Week Four: Check!

(emailed to Friends)
It's been another fantastic week.  I'm learning to love it here, questionable meat, humidity and all!

It rained a few times this week!  It POURS here.  So cool.  And it's hot enough once it stopped it was dry in around an hour!  Crazy cool.

So I found this super funny, you know how we'll add o's or a's to words to make them Spanish?  Apparently they'll add -ation to words to make them English! Haha!

There's also a friendly division forming.  East mission vs. West mission.  Eastside vs Westside.  This is the closest thing I've been to being in a gang before!  

Another cool thing is when they play rock, paper, scissors here instead of the three pounds before playing you give each other a fist pump and explode into whatever you chose.  I thought that was SOO much cooler.

We also went to the university again this week.  It was even better than last time.  We were able to have a lot better discussions with people and they seemed like they were sincerely interested.  I recited the 1st vision to a couple of guys too.  We gave them the BOFM and they said they'd read it and call the missionaries.  It was cool as they were asking questions, I was able to understand the jist of what they were asking!  I definitely believe the Lord's hand helped me in doing that.  He's also helped me by knowing words I didn't think I knew while teaching.  These are the moments that amaze me the most.  

We also celebrated half Christmas a couple days ago.  It consisted of caroling in Spanish to people.  

We also stopped at the store again this week.  I bought a notebook, toothpaste, tide to go, and Oreos.  The Oreos were definitely the best decision.  We also walked there and went through a way cool park.  It had exercise machines, running paths, playgrounds, the whole works.  And there was NO vandalism.  I found that amazing.  

We also played baseball yesterday!  With a squishy little ball, but I felt like a true Dominican!

Also the Santiago and Puerto Rico group left this Wednesday. It got me thinking of how many lives I'm going to touch on my mission.  It's insane.  I'm going to be in and out of so many lives and hope I can influence them all in some way for the better!

With that group leaving, there was a new slot open for some AP's.  Me and the trilogy were called to be the new Assistants to the President!  I couldn't believe it.  It's crazy stuff.  So before that group left there was around 50 of us here, then there was 20, then another 50 or so came today!  There is just under 80 missionaries here now.  That's crazy.  I'm pretty sure we're just over capacity.  So loco.

Keep going strong!  Miss you all tons, but a little less this week! E. Potokar.

(emailed to Family)
I've gotten super excited this week for what's to come.  I've seen what I can do when I put part of my mind into something for like a year, but never 100 percent of my time for two years.  I'm soooo excited.  My motivation has finally kicked in like it used to.  I hit studying pretty hard the last few weeks.  It's only going to get better too.  

I also got another haircut.  It's ridiculously short now.  I can't believe it.  I was thinking that was my last free haircut, but I'll get another one.  Don't know if I'll use it though.  

You'll probably see some pictures of Elder Boggess with the tall waist I uploaded.  He had the absolute WORST haircut I've ever seen haha.  He got it fixed though.  He's going into engineering at BYU too so I'll probably see him there.  

I also realized, what reason do I have to complain or worry?  I have a family that loves and fully supports me, I'm doing the Lord's will, and I have a fantastic scholarship waiting for me at BYU among many other blessings.  What more could I want?

We do something called TRC on Monday nights.  It's basically hometeaching in Spanish to some of the senior couples here.  I love it.  It's actually one of my favorite parts of the week.  I'll probably actually do my hometeaching when I get home! Haha 

Also, if you didn't see I got called as an AP! (Assistant to the President) I've gotten to know the president better.  Not super well, but better.

Elder Fusselman's dad also got in an accident at his work this week.  He's probably going to lose a few fingers.  So sad.  I've been praying for him hard all this week.  He's been strong through it.  I've been majorly impressed!  

We've also built up a reputation as the quiet district.  (implies boring)  The other districts are insane.  They're also in adjacent rooms with a divider between them while we're in our own room.  Too weird.  We've become the lone district to an extent.  All our members got new callings this week too.  Hodges/Kinikini are the tech guys, and the hermanas are in charge of hymn books. Although my district is quiet, they're incredible.  Quiet, talented, strong and humble. My comps Elder Bassett is from Idaho and going to East, Elder Fuss is from Arizona and going to the West. Go figure.

These are the goals of my district.  I'm supposed to guide the discussions.  

I've gained like 10 or 15 pounds.  I probably have another round face like my pre XC (cross-country) picture haha.  I'm sure I'll lose it in the field though. Actually the first pair of slacks we bought are a tight fit.  I don't enjoy wearing them much AT all.  All the Van Huesen ones fit great still though. About the food  I have a great scripture to go with it.  Proverbs 28:25. "He that is of a proud heart stirreth up strife: but he that putteth his trust in the Lord shall be made fat."   

Another good joke this week I heard is a high councilman is called a "dry councilman."

We also got to go to the temple today.  First time in a long time it feels like.  It was fantastic.  I look forward to going next week and REALLY wish I could go more during the mission.  But what do you do? I also put the Matheson family on the prayer list in the temple this week.  As well as all the Weber High missionaries leaving soon.  

(Have you got to run at all?) I have not yet.  There's not really anywhere we can run so I haven't yet.  I really want to.  We have to do laps around the temple if we do.  Lame.  I should be OK.  

We haven't gone on splits yet.  That'll be tomorrow!  So crazy.

Tell grandma the rice is slightly different.  It's flavored.  No need to worry.  Everyone got a kick out of it when I told them she asked.  Haha (Grandma M. was worried Easton was only eating plain white rice and beans.)

Mom, congrats on the new calling!  That's awesome.  Doesn't surprise me one bit.  Out of curiosity who's your new counselors?  Would I know any of them?  Dad said you had a really cool experience in choosing them. Do you think you'll still be in that calling when I get home? 

Now on to the list!

I still have yet to read everyone's notes in my journal so far.  I'm saving them for my first hard day in the field.  I keep telling myself I'll have a harder day later and it keeps me moving on.  

You really confused me when you put Dr. Allred's last time in your email.  I thought it said DR as in the Domincan Republic.  Haha can you tell what's on my mind?

I also sent a picture home with me and the futbol-ers.  They were way sick.  We considered the one with glasses a wizard.  He was crazy good.  I loved playing with them and am way sad they left a couple of days ago.

I heard some stats.  3 million people in Santo Domingo, 2 million in Santiago.  That's half the population in the country.  It won't be as dense here as I expected.  Also the highest mountain here is 10 thousand feet.  I really want to climb it!

My gym shoes also already have a hole in them!  How crazy is that?  I guess I've just been balling (playing basketball) too hard.  I can wear my running shoes if it comes to that.  I won't be balling everyday in the field either.  I'll probably do some kind of workout instead.    I also realized I wish I would've brought a few things.  One of my Norwex towels is a body towel and hurts to use on my face.  I wish I had a lint roller.  That's really about it.

We were talking about food and I realized how much I miss our dinners.  You're an amazing good cook.  Haha I miss that!  Sad thing is the food is probably just going to go downhill once I hit the field too.  

Also thank you for the talks in my binder!  I read some of them this week and they're fantastic.  I love them.  I'll probably read them a lot and will probably go find some more conference talks to read.  The words of the prophet!  Can't get much better than that. 

We also watch some parts of the District videos almost every day here.  They're wonderful.

When does school start?  How is everything going?

Also just to warn ya, because we have to share so much email time with everyone next week my email will be more rushed.  I've got to run now.  Unfortunately, not literally. Got a room to clean.

Love you tons!  Miss you tons too.  Got to run.  Catch ya next week.
Love you always!  E. Potokar.


Easton's Desk

Schedule for the week.

Laundry Room


Dominican Money

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Halfway through the MTC!!

(emailed to Friends)
Life goes on.  Here's the next installment.  This week cruised by.  It feels like I was writing emails yesterday!

First off, I'm really beginning to love the gospel.  It's crazy.  I can feel it bubbling up inside.  It's all becoming more and more real now.  I am a child of God.  It's real.  I can't believe it.  I'm glad I made it out here!  Cuz this is the place to be.

Also food wise I tried something called mangu and yuku.  It's funky, but not bad.  Not something I'd go and seek out.  There's also amazing juice with every meal.  Breakfast is the usual pancakes, oatmeal, toast, or brownies.  Or a mix of those.  Lunch is always rice beans and some sort of meat.  Dinner is soooo random. We had mac and cheese and mashed potatoes last night.  So weird.  It's great stuff though.

The temple has also been closed the last two weeks which stinks.  We should get to go in next week though! Woo!

I've also felt the Spirit here more than I have anywhere else.  It's been amazing.  I'm starting to fall in love with this place more and more and more.

I also love some of my teachers.  One of them is Hermano Nunez.  He's hilarious.  Small little guy, but great at teaching Spanish and the gospel.  You can tell he's an RM!

We also had the opportunity to visit the university last week!  It was amazing.  I love talking to people about the gospel.  It makes me want to get to the field already.  It started off with a guy chasing us down and ranting at us for like 20 minutes in Spanish.  I have no idea a word of what he said.  It was ridiculous.  He could have been praising us or swearing at us.  No clue.  It got better from there on out though.  We gave one guy a Book of Mormon and he sincerely sounded interested.  I love it!!!

Since some Latinos also came in, there's actually people to play soccer with now.  It's a blast.  They don't play physical at all since they're tiny.  All of them are probably under 5 6.  One is probably under 5 foot.  It's way fun though.  They're super technical and quick.  Reminds me of how Garrett Bingham plays if you know him.  

Also there should be pictures and stuff posted on my blog!  Check it out.
Love you all! E. Potokar.

(emailed to Family)
This week went by crazy fast.  I feel like I was emailing yesterday.  It gives me a glimpse of how fast the whole mission is going to go by!

Are you using your repellant? Here is what was posted Tuesday on the mission presidents wife's blog: Chikungunya has hit epidemic proportions here.  Government estimates of those infected range from 400,000 to 1,00,000! The dire prediction that one-third of the population will contract the disease has been changed to 40%-75% expected to contract the disease.  Imagine 75% of a population contracting a disease!  The absenteeism in businesses has had a huge negative impact on the economy, and it’s only expected to get worse..... so please be proactive about using your repellent!
I'm only outside for around an hour a day so I generally don't use the spray.  I don't think it's that bad.  A missionary got it and was down for a couple of days, but he's fine now.  I think most of the teachers here have gotten it within the last month or so and are fine now.  So I'm not too worried about it.  If I'm outside for a couple of hours I'll put it on though. 

They did have pillows here.  I'm just about perfectly packed I feel like.  I wish I would've brought my Nike soccer shoes though.  That's about the only thing I wish I had.  The (microfiber) towels we bought are weird.  They struggle to dry daily, but even when wet they dry me fine.  So ya.  I've also heard from a couple of friends and it sounds like they're doing great.  Little to no homesickness which I really don't understand.  

The shaving is slowly coming.  I usually do it lightly so it doesn't hurt as much.  Also my stomach has calmed down.  It feels so much better now.  And yes, still tons of rice and beans.  The temple here is incredible.  I love it so much.  It's SO beautiful.  Unfortunately, I've only been able to go once since it's been closed.  I'll get to go next week though.! Yes I do lead all my district's stuff.  I think I do a good job of it, but I have no idea.  I love them so much now.  They're family.  They're helping me get through this.

It's crazy how much Hodges is like me is ridiculous.  He's got an even better work ethic than I do sometimes.  I think I might have him beat in the girl department/socially though.  We'll see.  Haha I'm way too competitive!  My nightly routine is also very similar.  My comps are all in bed by 10:15 and then I read for around 15 minutes.  I wish I had longer though.

One of the teachers here was wearing a sweater yesterday.  They're insane here.  I can't believe they can just live with the heat like that. Next Friday we also get to do splits with the missionaries for around 7 hours instead of the university.  I'm looking forward to that.  Should be wayyyy cool.  All the Puerto Rican missionaries said it was amazing.  I feel ready to go, but I know my Spanish isn't up to par with it. It's going to be crazy. I can't wait!

Also at the university I got really frustrated with the language!  I just wanted to tell these people the good news.  I wish I could have better.  It's made me more motivated to learn Spanish well.  Also I was outside for like 3 hours and I was way sweaty.  I don't know what a whole day is going to be like!

I'm also having trouble focusing when people start speaking Spanish when I can't understand.  It's hard.  I'm working on it though.  It's hard to not let my mind wander to home.  There's not a ton to think about here.  I think that'll change once I hit the field.

Onto the list.

My desk here is exactly like at home.  Classroom and bedroom.  Funny how I've been raised and lived and it has still stuck with me.  

Also no dinner appointments are allowed here anymore.  I just thought I'd let you know that.  I'll be cooking for myself every meal!  Haha hopefully my trainer knows how to cook!

The Latinos here are crazy too.  So energetic.  I can't keep up with them.  I don't know how they get that much energy.  They're like little kids!

Glad to hear my letter made it home.  I hope you enjoyed it.  It felt good to write it rather than type it.  Tell Lydia happy birthday again!  I hope it's a fun day today.  Happy early birthday to you (dad) too!  I hope you have a great one! 

Did you ever get that lawn mower fixed?

Also thanks for all the music.  I was looking through it and there's tons of stuff on it!  Thank you soooo much.

The blog looks fantastic.  I got a teacher to look it up the other day and it looks great. Also uploaded a bunch of pictures and a few videos to the drive!  Go check them out:)

I suggest reading "Our search for Happiness" too if you haven't.  I read it last week and it was amazing. Now I'm starting Jesus the Christ.  Is there any way  you could send me a list of scripture masteries too?  Those hymn list was perfect too.  Thank you so much!

Also I finished the BOFM this week finally!  I felt a burning like I never had before.  It was amazing.  I know this is something I'm supposed to do.

Could you also have the family pray that I may have the gift of tongues to be able to teach people?  I'm going to need all the help I can get in this!

Also next week I may have more time to email since all the Puerto Ricans are leaving on Tuesday.  We'll see.

I love you sooo much!  Miss you and the family and home tons too! Have a great week.
E. Potokar.




  Computer Lab

Beautiful Temple Grounds!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

2nd Week Done!

(emailed to Friends)
Hey y'all!  I've made it through another week. I'm just going to hit on a few funny things that I think happened this week.

Some of the funny phrase here are "Aye mi madre" and my district came up with using "oh wow" super sarcastically. It cracks me up. Also, saying si like a gillion times really means now apparently.

Culture. They have a Chili's, Johnny Rocket, KFC, Wendy's and McDonald's here from what I've heard.  So I will get some americanish food! They also honk a ton in the streets. It's called the "music of traffic". They're all crazy drivers. It's super sketchy. Way scary. I'm super thankful I'm not going to be driving at all.  The fruit here is also amazing. I LOVE the mangoes, bananas, and pineapple. I don't think I'll be able to eat any fruit the same back at home. The Dominicans also speak insanely fast. I can't keep up with anything of it AT ALL. Our teacher jokes they don't speak Spanish here, they speak Dominican. And it's true. They hardly take a breath when talking.

From the MTC we can just barely see the ocean.  So that's super cool.  We also get brownies for breakfast which is kind of insane and sickening, but fantastic at the same time.

In one of our last role playing investigators, our investigator decided it was a good idea to fall asleep during our lesson.  We had NO idea how to handle that.  haha.  It was our teacher role playing and now we're all really frustrated with her... I also learned how to lead music!  So that's alright I suppose.

On our trip to the store, one missionary accidentally got rum ice cream.  It cracked us all up.  He's a super funny guy.  He just ordered something and I suppose it was in Spanish so he had no clue what he ordered!

We've unofficially nicknamed our tripanionship the Trinity at well.  Actually there was some probs with that so we're the trilogy instead.

Sunday nights are the bomb too.  We get pizza, ice cream, and a walk around the temple.  It's the bees knees.

Also some new missionaries came yesterday going to Santiago and Puerto Rico.  They're all Spanish speakers.  One is like 5' 4" and another is 6' 4".  It's hilarious.  Cracks me up. 

I also definitely have been blessed with the gift of tongues too.  Any words I learn stick with me so well.  It's insane.  I love it.  I feel like if I was to leave right now I'd lose it all.  It's all the Spirit helping me learn at this point.

Tomorrow we're going to a university to proselyte!  Send your prayers my way!  In two weeks we do splits with the missionaries in the field.

Love and miss you all!  E. (Easton or Elder) Potokar

(emailed to Family)
Thanks for your emails!

I'd definitely do that, but we're pretty restricted here and the way they've set it up, we can't have multiple tabs open.  It makes it super hard and there's a timer running in the top right the entire time.  Freaks me out. haha (We told him to load his pictures to Google Drive.)

Glad to hear scout camp was a blast! Sounds like Garrett killed it.  Glad to hear he really applied himself this year.  I also made a list of stuff to email this week.  That's just how I do things.  This might be pretty scatterbrained, but it should cover just about everything.

We have to shave every day.  That bothers me a ton.  I also feel SO good when teaching with the Spirit.  It's got me excited to get into the field.  I really just want to try the field.  That's my goal right now - to make it that far. 

The Tri has made it hard to really cling with someone.  I don't feel super close to anyone.  I'll go ahead and tell you some about my district though because we've gotten way close.  Elder Fusselman (my comp.) is super chill and funny.  He's opened up a ton.  I'm glad I have him. I've gotten used to Elder Bassett (my other comp).  Elder Hodges and I are way alike.  He's a runner, (5K pr is like 20 seconds faster than mine), really loves basketball, got a 32 on the ACT, and just has a similar sense of humor to mine.  I've really gotten to know him the best.  Elder KiniKini is hilarious.  Quiet, but fantastic.  He randomly gets the district to burst into song.  We're like a walking choir.  Sister Olsen went to USU.  She's kind of crazy, but fun.  Sister Allen went to BYU so I might see her there.  She's quiet, but funny as well. 

Oh and could you send me a list of hymn page numbers in English and Spanish?  I've struggled to know what songs what. haha

I also see a lot of the mission president here.  I thought that that's way cool.  I'm super happy I get to talk to him a lot.  He's an amazing guy. 

A lot of people here also have some of the same clothes as me.  Same belt, same hush puppies, a few of the same ties and tons of the same bag.  Go figure.  Also the humidity seems to have fixed the static problem with my pants.  So there's a bonus. My Weber tie has also been the one I get the most compliments on.  Go figure.  Weber Pride.  Also check your snapchat.  A girl I sat next to on the plane sent you a snapchat of me. haha  Be prepared to screenshot it. 

We also went to the store a couple days ago.  It was a major culture and the homesickness kicked in.  I've gotten over it since, but that's something I'm not looking forward to.  Their crazy driving, all the Spanish and such.  It's just a different way of life here. 

Sounds like you're all doing great. I'm so glad to hear that! I miss Lydia so much. All the kids. Just the little things like that.  I'm glad to hear Garrett has found a passion as well. (swimming)

On the 4th of July we had a thanksgiving dinner.  It was super good.  Lots of decorations.

You'll be proud to hear laundry went well.  Got it all done by myself.  Even got a pizza stain out.  Any tips for the temperature of the water I should wash things in though?

One thing that really helped me was in the celestial room I thought that I'm giving up two years with you guys so others could be with theirs forever.  That really hit me hard.  It's helped me keep going a ton. 

The temple here also has super short rooms.  Like maybe 6' 6".  I almost hit my head on them multiple times.  It made me think of you (mom) for some reason.  You would've had no problems in there haha.

Also the 3 new DL's from when we came in are the 3 guys on my flight itinerary.  I thought that was super cool.  I don't know why.

I know you guys were joking a bit about the diarrhea pills (I think), but I've needed them this week.  My stomach has been in constant knots.  No bueno.  It's getting better though.  Just like everything has been. 

Another cool thing is there is families here from all over the Caribbean.  They come and stay at the MTC (there's some empty rooms downstairs) and go to the temple.  It's cool to be part of a little bit of their lives.  I can't get enough of it.  Love seeing how much this means to them.  We also get to play with their ninos in some of our gym time. 

Also something I've noticed is I don't teach well when homesick.  It's just a fact of life.  That's a reason why I've pushed it off for the past week or so. I've also decided I need to redirect my love so to speak.  I need to temporarily move my love for you guys (which hurts so much right now sometimes!!) to the people here.  That'll make everything go so much faster.  Also walks around the temple here are hard a lot of the time.  It's hard to do cuz I usually do that with you guys.  Makes me think of home WAY too much. (We have a saying in our family that goes "If you let your children touch the temple, the temple with touch your children." Anytime our family goes on vacation and there is a temple on the way or close by, we go and spend some time there and walk around the temple grounds.)

Also my shoes, retainers and my jammed thumb feel fantastic.  So that's a VERY good thing.

Also thanks for the good emails, they make me less homesick.  It's helps a ton. From what I've heard a lot of other people's emails were really hard.  You've been really good at making me not miss home too much.  Gracias por este.

Love and miss you so much!  Think about you and home tons.  Probably too much.  Some days I wish I could just talk to ya.  Love you tons. Love, E. Potokar

Doesn't look too sure about the new haircut!

Members of his district

 Little bit of ocean

DR Temple

Beautiful temple lit up at night!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

First Week

(emailed to friends)
Just made it through the first week.  It's been THE HARDEST thing I've ever done, but it's been worth it.  Learned lots.  Continue to learning.  The homesickness continues to fade away.

Lots of rice and beans here.  I'm going to have to learn to love it lots.

I was made a District Leader!  So that's cool.  I feel my robotics leadership has helped me a lot with that.  I'm also in a tricompianship which is super funky.

It's super hot here.  Bearable, but hot.  Still plugging a way.  Continually sticky and wet.  I'm learning to love it. Haha

We also have 3 different sizes of red Spanish books.  One teacher calls them chamander, charmeleon and charizard.  Thought that was hilarious.

How are you guys doing?  I'd love to hear more from home!  Feel free to ask any questions. Sorry it was short this week, I'm slowly have got to learn how to manage my hour of time for sending emails.  It's hard to only have that long to communicate.

Miss y'all tons, Elder Easton Potokar

(emailed to family)
The AC is way good. It's fantastic, which is one of my many blessings we have down here. We crank it down to 15 or 20 degrees Celsius which I'm not sure what it means, but it feels fantastic.

I'm doing fine. A little homesick of course, but feeling good. Life goes on. I compare it at this point to a scout camp where at the end of your week you're just ready to come home. But I'm sure that feeling will fade. The food is bueno haha. Lots of rice beans, and meat. I'm starting to get sick of it though which is a terrible sign.  I'm starting to miss leftovers if that tells you anything. (Easton would rather eat anything than leftovers!)

The weather actually isn't as bad as you'd expect. We like to describe it as "bearable" haha. It's sticky and hot, but not overwhelming so. Maybe it's the lower altitude, but it feels like I'll be fine to stay out in it all day with a few breaks here and there. We play some way competitive basketball in it for about an hour and it's enough to completely soak whatever I'm wearing. Speaking of basketball, there's some kids here who could probably take Tyler 1v1. They're huge and tall. One super skinny kid (Elder Boggess) (Yes I still consider us all kids), is probably 5 inches taller than me, but his waist is probably like a foot and a half taller than mine. The kid has legs. It's hilarious. The Haitian sisteres call him Joseph Smith because it's so high. I've never been able to figure that out.  I'm proud to say I'm competitive with them when I play too.  I'm not out of place which helps everything so much.

Also the kid I thought was huge is shorter than me and is like a teddy bear. He's hilarious. And the wrestler is super quiet. Never heard him say more than a couple sentences in a row. (Easton found these two elders on a DR Mission Facebook page before he left.)

The Spanish is coming. So far it's just been a review of JH spanish, but it's been good. We're already teaching SUPER basic lessons in it. But it's coming. Not looking forward to tons of grammar though.

I've gotten into the routine. It ain't so bad. I manage. It's been going by quicker and quicker. My Arizona companion is awesome. I love him. Quiet, but sick. (That means awesome!) Unfortunately, I'm in the only Elder threesome or "tripanionship" here. There's a lot of things about it that makes it a lot harder. The other one is from Idaho and there's not too many shared interests which makes things even harder.  We're getting through it though. (Elder Bassett and Elder Fusselman)

 I was also made a DL! That means I'm over 7 people. There's around 5 DL's here, and there's around 38 kids at the MTC total. It's cool. I was super happy about that. Learned lots so far.  There was around 13 kids here when we got here.  They've been here for two weeks and are either going to Puerto Rico or the Santiago mission.  One kid is from Fremont and is an AP.  He's way chill.  Elder McGrady is his name. There's around 23 of us who've been here a week and are either going to the DR East or West.  Then they're 3 natives from Haiti who speak French who will be serving in Haiti.

One thing that keeps me going is that serving will bless my family now and in the future. I just gotta keep pushing through it.

Today we visited the temple which was amazing. It's awesome to see it's the same here as at home. My district was made for me as well. They're all super quiet. Makes it easier for me. The number of kids in it reminds me of robotics, and I feel like I've already done this before. My email time is every Thursday. Let me know how scout camp goes! Let me know if you want any other pictures.

Sunday meetings are in a large room.  They are in Spanish.  I bore my testimony for ours on Sunday.  It was fun.  Our classroom is actually part of the chapel.   It's on the same floor as our rooms which is a blessing and is on the fourth floor.  A lot of other districts have to switch floors which would be a pain.  Count your many blessings I suppose.

Also did you check my AP scores?  I'm dying to know!  (Easton took 5 AP tests this year. He received four "5's" and one "4". 5 is the highest you can get. Great job Easton!) Also have to get a haircut today.  Go figure.  Supposedly the barber is good, but we'll see about that.  Wish me luck!

Love you lots!  Miss you every day.
Elder Easton Potokar

Notice the map is in Spanish!

Easton with his district going to the temple.

The DR Temple

Easton's room is on the 4th floor in the building on the right.

View out the classroom window.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

First Day in the Dominican!

We just received these pictures from the MTC or CCM (that's what they call it there).

Easton with his district.

Easton with President Phil Freestone of the MTC/CCM and his wife.
They are from Orem, Utah.

We are glad he looks happy and is smiling! Easton's MTC/CCM P-day is going to be on Thursdays.

Made It!

So it's like two in the morning, but we made it!  We arrived around 1:30am at the MTC, received rooms and now we're unpacking.  And we still have to get up at 6:30!  It's going to take a while to catch back up on sleep, but it's so worth it.  My companion/roommate is from Arizona.  I've been too tired to get anymore details.

Also that stuff that's supposed to clean up my collar (whisk or something like that) broke the ziplock bag.  I have some soapy clothes now.  Haha. 

Sorry this one is short, it was just supposed to be a check in to let you know we're doing alright!  I think we'll get more time tomorrow to email so I'll give you more details then. 

It's way sticky here.  I'm sweating inside with AC, not looking forward to seeing it in the midday sun.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Airport Departure

We left for the airport at 6:00am. Easton checked in his bags and we were off to security. We had a little family time and took a few pictures. He was anxious to get going and was through security and on to his plane by 7:30am.

He flew out at 8:25am with four elders and one sister missionary. One elder from Burley, ID and one from Bountiful, UT. The sister was from Alaska. Easton had layovers in Dallas and Miami. He was suppose to arrive in the Dominican Republic at 9:40pm their time. They are two hours ahead of us.

Easton did call us from the Miami airport saying all was OK but that his plane was delayed twice. In Miami they met up with about 15 other missionaries going to the DR. Half are going to the West, half are going to the East.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Setting Apart - Becoming a Full Time Missionary

Easton was set apart as a full time missionary at 8:00pm tonight. What an amazing event! We are so thankful for a great blessing and many, many words of wisdom from our stake presidency and bishop. Easton has had the chance to work with all of these fine men. There was an amazing spirit there! It sure helped calm many nerves.