Thursday, August 21, 2014

Letter and Pictues to Family of Elder Potokar

Dear Potokar Family,

For me, it is a great pleasure to inform you that your son, Elder Easton Potokar arrived at the mission home safe and sound and ready to start his mission.  We want to thank you for having sent him to serve in this marvelous work.  His own life and that of his family will be greatly blessed.

Your son will have very special experiences in these two years of service.  The people of this country are very kind and have the desire to know the truth.  We are sure that with your support and love, and the guidance he will receive here in the mission, Elder Potokar will obtain success.

We are at your service to respond to any inquiry that you may have with respect to your son or his mission.  We expect him to communicate with you each week via letter or e-mail.  He will also communicate with you personally by telephone on Christmas and Mother’s Day.

Elder Potokar will receive all of our love and care.  Without any doubt, he will be a blessing in the lives of the many people he will bring to the light and the truth.

May you receive blessings in abundance from the Lord.


President Ahmad Corbitt
Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo East Mission

Sister Corbitt, Elder Moncada, Elder Potokar, and President Corbitt

 Elder Moncada and Elder Potokar 

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