Thursday, August 14, 2014

Into the Field

Easton left the MTC on Monday, the 11th or Tuesday, August 12th to go out into the field. The Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East Mission p-day is on Mondays. We will not get an email this week and hope to hear from him on Monday, August 18th.

As another missionary mom posted; it is a strange feeling not knowing where they are, somewhere in the DR but we don't know where. We have always known where he has been for the last 18+ years and it's a very strange feeling not knowing exactly where he is now. 

Lots of wondering and praying going on at our home. We hope he has been blessed with a great trainer/companion, a good area, and that he is safe. I think here might be where the big adventure begins!

Last Pictures from the MTC - saying goodbye.

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